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"I love Aqua Tan and have been using it. I just realized that I have a few sprays left and am panicking therefore, it deserves to be in the "Can't Live Without" section." - Scarlett Messina- Beauty Features Editor -America's Bride
"After using several different self tanners, I found the Aqua-Tan self tanning body milk to be great. It absorbs easily and has a nice light fragrance. I like the fact that it isn?t a brownish color. It dries quickly as well and there is no funny odor after it has been on for several hours. I have used St. Tropez before and found it to be too messy. It is difficult to get an even result and it does stain the hands more easily. It is a dark brown lotion and it takes longer to dry. I would recommend using Aqua Tan. -Heather"
"I am competing in the 2008 Miss Virginia USA competition in October. I ordered my first bottle of aqua tan a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it!! I just wanted to let you know that I adore your tanning product and I am now hooked for life!!

Have a great summer!
"Wow! You're like the tanning doctor to the stars. Thanks for rushing over Aqua Tan last minute. My client's tan turned out so perfect! He had super pale olive skin. We did one spray that night, and in the morning we did one more and he was 2 shades darker with a glow! We did his hands too. The director of the movie said it was perfect and he was so happy. He's Italian and he had to look cuban. He shot on Saturday morning and stole the show!"
- Isabella Peninsula Spa
“It smells sooo good I have to buy some for my wife. We’ll never leave the house.”
- Johnny Malibu, CA
“Wow I only got 2 hours of sleep and everyone kept saying I looked so healthy and rested.”
- Tony London, England
“I had the flu for a week and noone believed me. I looked too good I had just used Aqua Tan®.”
- Monica Newport, CA
“I sprayed it on at 6 by 9 my date kept saying how good I looked. I never told her my secret.”
- Dr. Tony - Neurosurgeon CA
“I need Aqua Tan® for my book signing tour so noone knows I’ve lived in a cave for a year.”
- Jack
“I have an audition tomorrow how quickly can I get more Aqua Tan®?”
“Help….I need Aqua Tan® I’m on TV tomorrow.”
“My mom’s 75 and as soon as she got out of the hospital she wanted to be sprayed with Aqua Tan®.”
“My wife brought Aqua Tan® to the delivery room so she would look good for the visitors.”
“It’s an emergency I just ran out of Aqua Tan® and I have a date.”
“Aqua Tan® is addictive. I need my fix. How quickly can I get more?”
“It puts a spring in my step.”
“I spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and noone made a comment about how good I looked until I started using Aqua Tan®. I could have saved a lot of money!”
“I don’t know what he’s doing it’s something, but boy he looks great.”
“Let my wife get her own bottle this is all mine.”
“I heard celebrities at a party in Cannes talking about it. Where can I get it?”
“This is the captain of the Fire Dept. next door can you swing by I am out of Aqua Tan®.”
“My Aqua Tan® was a big hit. Could you use a neurosurgeon’s endorsement?”
“I don’t like any self tanners. This is great stuff!”
“I perform with the opera all over the world and noone can figure how I have time to tan. Thanks.”
“I can’t wait to apply it to my co-star. You can use it all over right?”
“I have tried self tanning products in the past and have been allergic to all of them. When I tried Aqua Tan I had no allergic reaction and got a nice tan! Thank you!“
AND OUR FAVORITE: “Why would anyone use a tanning bed anymore?”

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